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Image: Mason Kimbarovsky on Unsplash

Some of the greatest queer films that came out of the 90s and 00s cast clearly non-queer actors. Birdcage. Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. Two Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything. Transamerica. Milk. Brokeback Mountain. And yet, regardless of the straight and cis-gendered actors who were cast, their portrayal of the struggles of gay and trans life is extraordinary for the times.

The unconditional love between Armant and Albert when they sat at the retro bus stop and held hands after signing that “palimony” agreement.

The deep intricacies of transgenderism in Transamerica — from retraining your vocals to family pain — performed by cis-gendered actress Felicity Huffman. …

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Image: Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

I’m gonna be honest with you: sometimes I like to be a little risky in the bedroom. And by the look on your face, I know I’m not the only one. I mean, sure, condoms are great at saving you from unwanted diseases (or buns in the oven if you’re that way inclined), but feeling that euphoric pleasure is amazeballs.

However, I have a little bit of leverage here. Because, thanks to the advancements in modern medicine, I can take a drug called PrEP which prevents the spread of HIV. …

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Finding yourself. Image: Domingo Alvarez via Unsplash

You’ve heard the saying… “Labels are for clothes, not for humans.” As if we don’t require categorisation. But I somewhat disagree because, without categorisation, how do we fit into this wide and wavering world? It’d just be a cliche sea of plain white clothes, mingling without any navigational points.

You see, we require labels, not just to shape our own identity, but to showcase to the world who we really are. This is how we fit in, by standing out amongst the crowd with a mix of vibrant, punching labels.

I’m a gay man, Scorpio’s my star sign, I’m an avid gamer, I live in Sydney, Australia, and — if you must know — I am actually a tea drinker.

Because it actually is normal…

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Featured image: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Before I get started: NO, I am not asking everyone to be gay. Not all of you would want to try, and that’s totally fine! But, I am asking for society to view sexuality in a fluid state, where it’s completely normal to swing along the spectrum. Where straight people could go gay without being categorized, and gay people could go straight without social turmoil.

I am reminded of a time at a gay youth group I attended, where one of the social workers made a comment of how weird it would be if one of us decided to go straight. As if it was the most shocking thing in the world. We all (including me) naively agreed to this, not realising the implications of what we were doing. Essentially we were boxing ourselves in, not allowing ourselves the freedom to explore. …

It’s just a word…

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Image: Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

Faggot! There… I said it! But is it really that shocking anymore? For me, it’s just another term of endearment. “Hey fag,” I say to my friends, grinning because we both know that it doesn’t really hurt anymore.

Once upon a time, the word did affect me. At school, in the playground, the bullies would mutter it under their breath, giggling. …

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Image: Andre Hunter via unsplash

Soak a face towel in reasonably hot water and throw it over my face.

Play camp tunes in the lounge room and dance to them as if I’m doing a drag show.

Cut off the ‘lid’ to a meat pie and eat the meat inside before devouring the edible ‘bowl’.

Browse Facebook endlessly after a long day of work, just to deflate my bustling energy.

Play my favourite games and movies again, because I know that it has a good ending and I can live with that.

Ask myself questions and then answer them earnestly.

Walk everywhere.

Subtly mouth songs I’m listening to while I’m out walking. And sometimes I dance with my hand alongside me. …

And I’ve got the videos to prove it…

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Image: Israel Palacio on Unsplash

My iTunes library is filled with around 24 Shirley Bassey albums — that’s about 380 songs. Sometimes I’ve got duplicates of the same song from a few different albums, and some of her albums I’ve skipped buying because I’ve already got most of the songs on it.

So it’s safe to say that I am an avid fan of Shirley Bassey.

And what’s truly spectacular is that she is still going! …

Let’s face it, this pandemic has dampened our social lives.

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Image: Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Is it just me, or are the days just blending together? It seems that all we have at the moment is work and home, home and work. And it feels so polarising. We have to suffer from finding connections through the virtual world, with our friends and family. And when we do meet up in real life, it doesn’t feel so connected. The handshake has given way to the elbow or sometimes just a wave.

It’s a super boring world.

But we can’t continue to mope around, saddened by all this. It’s a shit time, don’t get me wrong, but there’s more to life than worrying and getting downhearted. We must find ways of belonging to the world. …

A short piece of autofiction.

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Image: Lochie Blanch on Unsplash

The following story was written for a queer writing competition. It didn’t win, but I’m happy to share it with you!

I still remember how curious we were at that youthful age and that foreboding feeling of getting caught with our pants down. But we were young and shared the same desires. So we experimented under the floorboards of my parents’ house; a crawl space that was high enough for us to stand tall.

Of course, Shane and I never wanted to be boyfriends. It wasn’t the purpose of our friendship. But we developed a deep fondness for each other during those formative years. …

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African girl standing out in confetti. Photo by Brian Kyed via Unsplash

As a writer, I can’t do what everyone else is doing. Not only is it plagiarism, but it’s also practically impossible since everyone writes in a smorgasbord of different styles, voices and forms. Further, if I was to write what everyone else is writing about, then I won’t succeed either. Nobody wins by following the crowd.

Which means, for me to be the best at what I do, I have to try and write about things that not many people are talking about and share them in my own personal way.

But even writers band together. And if you want to build yourself in this wide and wavering world, you need a network of people to guide you. In other words, you need to belong somewhere. …


Christopher Kelly

Setting the record straight on sexuality and being your most authentic self.

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