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Just your friendly gay man setting the record straight.

Told with the help of a simple game of strip poker.

The furthest I’ve ever felt of not belonging was at a house party in my early 20s. The small crowd was teeming with heterosexuality, and there I was: a homosexual outcast. How could I relate to any of these people? It also didn’t help the fact that this was bogan territory, set amongst the facade of government housing, where the fear of druggos and dole bludgers is rife. And yet I went there anyway because I trusted the person who invited me.

But something happened that night that made me reconsider everything I knew about being gay. …

It can affect straight people too.

In 2019, straight men in Western Australia were more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than gay men. In fact, since the introduction of PrEP (an HIV-preventative drug) into Australia in 2016, HIV diagnosis rates have lowered dramatically in the gay community. And the trend is not just happening here in Australia, it’s actually noted across the western world.

In the United Kingdom during the same year of 2019, 41% of their total HIV diagnoses were gay and bisexual men.

In the United States of America during the same year, heterosexual people accounted for 8,617 out of 36,801 HIV diagnoses.

It’s just a piece of fabric when you really think about it

I actually wear a bra for much the same reason as women do. I wear them to hold up my fake breasts when I’m in drag. You see, some of the dresses I own aren’t tight enough to hold my D-cup teardrops in place, and so wearing a bra means they stay put when I galivant across a stage.

And who’s to say that I can’t? A bra is essentially a piece of fabric, usually designed to hold breasts in place — but some bras are more for show. In fact, many drag queens have worn bedazzled bras without inserting…

TL;DR: Do something!

Whether you’re stuck on a life-changing decision or mulling over daily activities, knowing what to do feels like a debilitating question. Do you take on that new job or stick with your current one? Do you want to watch that movie or do you feel like doing something else?

I’ve been in lockdown for over two months now, and while I’ve got my writing and daily chores to keep me occupied, it’s hard to find things to do in my downtime when my choices are quite limited. …

It’s so easy to do!

When you want to know if someone is gay, the first question you must ask yourself is: why? Why do you need to know? For me, knowing whether someone is gay or not makes dating them easier. If the guy isn’t gay, I save my time. Or maybe they are, which means I’m in! Last thing I want is to hit on a straight guy who’s also homophobic.

But why do you want to know? Are you worried that the guy your chasing may prefer trouser snakes instead of beavers and boobs? …

It’s your choice to not get vaccinated, but don’t pretend you have the authority to speak about it.

I wish all those who spread their misinformation about Covid-19 would be as honest as I am. We are not medical professionals! Our best understanding of Covid-19 relies upon how well we research — but even after a good day of research, we will never be at the same level as medical professionals. They have years of expertise under their belt.

And yet, even with our limited knowledge, some of us still think Covid-19 is a hoax or that vaccines are ineffective. And almost always, their best evidence is anecdotal.

The fact is, while anecdotes are interesting, they don’t provide…

It’s the first step in overcoming it.

Whenever I feel like I’m thinking too much, I ask myself: is this really as big a problem as I think it is? More often than not, it isn’t worth my peaking stress levels. And sometimes it’s not even a problem to begin with!

Today, for example, my thoughts spiralled around whether this blog is good enough and if I should change it. And all this overthinking took up most of my day until I finally realised that, actually, this blog is perfectly fine. I just need to work harder on promoting it. That’s it.

But, sometimes I manage to…

They each share gay nuggets of wisdom!

Growing up, I’ve watched plenty of queer films that helped solidify the truth about being gay, that it is as normal as the air we breathe. As I’ve said before: queer representation in film is vital for gaining queer acceptance. In fact, any normal representation of a marginalised community is vital for gaining acceptance.

But, some of my favourite queer films dug deeper, showcasing profound insight that made me reconsider everything I thought I knew. They gave me hope for the future, they pushed me towards living a true life, and some of them revealed awful truths. …

Disclaimer: very sexual and slightly derogatory

I’ve never been a fan of the term “pillow biter”, mostly because I’m a top. I prefer to penetrate than be penetrated, if you catch my drift; so biting pillows is not something I would need to do.

Of course, biting pillows was important in the past to hide a homosexual act. Bite a pillow to stop moaning, so to speak. Because, as anyone who’s been anally penetrated knows, anal sex can be both painful and glorious. In fact, that’s exactly how the term came about.

Over 40 years ago, in the United Kingdom, former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe…

Image: Dan Burton on Unsplash

The idea of wearing masks in public would have been an odd concept in my home city of Sydney two years ago. But now, it’s a reality. We’ve added a new reminder whenever we leave home:

Phone, wallet, keys, and mask.

And I have to be honest: the sight of masks in public is a stark reminder of the lack of freedom we face in this world right now, all because of a stupid virus that (despite what some may think) is deadly enough to be a problem. …

Christopher Kelly

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