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Falling in love is when he bakes you that cake you like, even though he’s tired
after a long day at work.
Marriage is an anniversary picnic under the harbour bridge, even though she’s
a little under the weather.
Civil union is dinner at a fancy restaurant, while the straight couple across
from you gives you dirty looks.

Falling in love is late night phone calls among desperate bouts of lost sleep.
Marriage is habitually ending every text with “I love you”.
Civil union is calling up your partner’s mum and pleading with her that you want to attend your partner’s funeral.

Falling in love is spending thousands of dollars on valentine’s day.
Marriage is spending thousands on a dream wedding
Civil union is spending thousands on lawyers.

Falling in love is signing you and your lover’s initials into a tree.
Marriage is signing an internationally recognised wedding certificate.
Civil union is signing a will to make sure your partner is sole beneficiary.

Falling in love is what we all want to do.
And marriage is a choice we all want to make
But civil union is not love, and civil union is not marriage.

Civil union is like having bread and butter while everyone else gets the steak sandwich.

Do you want to know why same sex couples want the right to marry? Here’s a good reason why:

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