Top 5 Christmas Albums 2019

There’s no better way to get into the Christmas spirit.

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Every year brings plenty of festivities, with Christmas music topping the list. This year has brung a dozen new albums that celebrate the silly season, and I’ve funnelled it down to five of my top favourites. With Christmas charging toward us at full steam, there’s no time like the present! (Pun intended!)

Christmas in the City by Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle is a powerhouse vocalist who was a lead actress on Glee. And now she is bringing along some Christmas cheer, starting with her lead single Christmas In New York. Glee fans must not pass up buying this album, featuring the beautiful voice of Lea that is reminiscent of her TV career. Expect classic hits like O Holy Night, White Christmas and Silent Night.

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Christmas: A Season Of Love by Idina Menzel

You’ve surely heard of Idina Menzel. She’s the actress who gave voice to Elsa from Frozen 1 and 2. So it’s only natural for this powerhouse vocalist to share a Christmas album for the masses. Her lead single is At This Table, which is resonates a meaning of love and acceptance during Christmastime. The jolliest track on her album is I Got My Love To Keep Me Warm ft. Billy Porter. Expect a collection of classical and quirky tunes.

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Hey Gurl, It’s Christmas by Randy Rainbow

US political fiends will have surely heard of Randy Rainbow. This legendary jokester and broadway star is best known for his trolling of President Donald Trump in popular parody music videos that lace social media. Seriously, check out his Facebook. He even adds his recent hit Trump’s Favourite Things to the album. It’s a camp broadway step into the spirit of Christmas.

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The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Collection by Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey won third base on American Idol in 2009, and since then he’s been making waves. Danny has an easy listening voice, and with it, he brings a classic Christmas album. Expect soulful and dreamy music that enlivens the vocals. Enjoy all the classic music like Silent Night, Joy To The World and our favourite Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Buy the album on Apple iTunes or Google Play.

A Fabulous Christmas by John Barrowman

Some of you may know him as Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. Others may remember him as Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow. But most Americans would know John Barrowman as a great vocalist who has performed in a plethora of broadway shows. This Christmas, John is bringing some classic Christmas tunes to the world, including the ever upbeat It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.

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