This is not a statement for straight men to sleep with me since I find it much easier to sleep with gays. At least they’re honest with themselves.

In saying that, I’ve enjoyed relations with straight men who are curious enough to dabble in some gay sex. Most of them are pretty chill with it, but far too many get so defensive about the idea of labelling themselves as gay. As if it’s a nasty chip on their sexual orientation.

It’s just sex. Provided they enjoyed it, which all of them have, what’s the big issue?

Your response here reminds me of that certain hostility some straight men have after playing hide the sausage with another man. I’m not judging, just putting it out there in hopes that you come to terms with your hostility towards active and openly gay men like myself. It’s not about me, it’s about you and everyone else. I didn’t write this to get laid, Grindr seems to be helping out in that regard much more successfully. I wrote this to enlighten the world about sexuality, it’s fluidity and — most importantly — why we need to be a little more nonchalant about it.

It’s just sex!

And gender doesn’t revolve around sex. You seem to be playing identity politics, which I despise. Identity is not something to shroud yourself in, but to embrace and share with the world. Not as an attempt to change the world to fit your ideology, but to enlighten the world on the many facets of society.

Who says that makeup and painting nails are sole female traits? Or that football is a man’s game?

Some men dress like women, some go so far as to physically change to a woman. Does that hurt you in any way, other than making your nose crinkle? Does it affect you in any way, other than having to call them by the name they prefer?

It’s not their problem to mitigate your squeamishness. That’s yours.

Be a man and deal with it!

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Setting the record straight on sexuality and being your most authentic self.

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