The Easy Way To Apply False Lashes

They’re a bitch to work with, but they look so good

Christopher Kelly
3 min readNov 1, 2019


As a drag queen, false lashes are the epitome of a drag face. Without them, you may as well just call yourself a man in a dress. For women, they are the essential ingredient for a flashy face, adding a new layer to your eye sockets.

But for anyone who’s tried to glue them to your eyes, they know they can be such a pain. Your eyes can stick together thanks to the glue and sometimes they don’t sit quite well. But once they’re on, they look gorgeous.

So here is my plan for placing on lashes good every time.

Cut them down

The first step whenever you get a new pair for falsies is to cut them down. Most of them come quite long, too long to sit well on the eyes. They can go over the edge and look really tacky. So cut off a bit to help make it fit on the eye better.

My usual rule is 2–3 centimetres and always cut from the outside edge. The inside edge, the side closest to the nose, has lashes that are smaller in length than the opposite side. This is because it needs to match the aesthetics of the eye socket. If you cut from this end, it can stuff up the aesthetics.

Draw a line

Before you go about getting the glue, grab some liquid eyeliner and draw a line above your eye. This is to help mask the lash line and make it look as if it’s your own lashes. I’ve seen faces with false lashes on and no line and it is extremely noticeable. As a drag queen who uses larger lashes, I find I have to draw a thicker line, usually a centimetre or two, but the thickness depends on how thick your lashes are.

Apply glue on the eye first

The biggest mistake for anyone gluing false lashes on is they apply the glue straight to the lash itself and try to hold it in place while it dries. But this is problematic. Holding it in place means straining your arms. Don’t be that person.

The best trick is to apply a strand of glue to your eye using a small thin brush, one that you’re not so worried about soiling. Dab some glue along the top edge of the eye you want to start with, then find the accompanying lash and apply glue to the…



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