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The day marriage equality divided a parliament

Today is a fundamental day to me, because the opposition leader Bill Shorten has stood up for my future. But Tony Abbott, along with at least 90% of his party, didn’t show up. Welcome to democracy!

I think it’s time, that we Australia give Tony Abbott the ultimatum: If you cannot come to Parliament to debate an issue that will shed light on pressured and invisible Australians who see themselves as same sex attracted or gender divided/mutual/neutral, then please, don’t come back to parliament at all.

I have the right, as every single Australian in this great nation, to have my government freely debate on issues that relate to me, especially issues that have the power to shed a positive light on otherwise darkened corners.

Democracy deserves participation, but democracy also deserves to be heard and acknowledged!

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Setting the record straight on sexuality and being your most authentic self.

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