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There is a subtle irony in the start of 2017 when a federal MP in Australia has been caught allegedly abusing public funding, while Centrelink, a welfare system, sends out erroneous debt letters to the country’s poorest people. And it’s made further ironic when you consider that three years ago we had a treasurer telling us the “age of entitlement is over” because of our economic deficit, while as of last year’s budget the government has doubled it’s debt since 2014.

And then take on cue Former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, who rises up in defence of alleged public funding abuser, and federal MP, Sussan Ley, blaming socialism for her demise. Another irony? In the middle of 2015, Ms Bishop spent $5,000 to fly 80km interstate to a Liberal Party function - instead of opting for the cheaper alternative of a chauffeured limousine, or private car rental - and sent the bill to the taxpayer. And she thinks socialism is the problem?

Welcome to the age of entitlement! A place where you can spend other people’s money and pass it off as “work related”. And little did we know that it was the dole bludgers who are fucking up the system, and not the politicians whose average public funding expenditure is possibly more than what an average dole bludger makes in a year.

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