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Playing The Trump Card

How to deal with a President Trump.

The new President elect Donald Trump is, contrary to popular opinion, a very smart and tactful businessman. He has, also contrary to popular opinion, the perfect rhetoric of someone who has spent years in the public domain. And as a businessman, he knows the industrial complex within America, and the ins and outs of the working class man. He knows us. He knows what we will do. And he knows how to talk our language.

Make America Great Again” “Jobs” “Terrorism” “Shaking up government” “Fantastic” “Intelligent” “Emails”

And even on social media, where it seems like he has a thin skin to public insults, he is controlling us.

Take, for instance, the recent Hamilton scandal where a theatre cast politely, yet sternly, asked Trump’s running man Mike Pence to take consideration into the minorities of America, to look after their american interests too.

Here’s what Trump replied with:

Now, it may seem embarrassing to think that a man like Mike Pence has to have his future boss take care of all his battles, but take into consideration who Trump’s audience on twitter is. They are his people. His voters. His fans. His idolaters. They are who he is taunting. And the media, accompanied by the futile voice of the left, are fueling his fire. We laugh at him. We ridicule him. We call him an unfit president. We call his voters a “basket of deplorables”. We fall into his trap.

And then, just recently, the future president tweeted this about the New York Times:

“failing” “terms and conditions” “not nice” = negative words. And remember: you are not the audience. YOU are his pawn. While his idolaters shout hail Trump through their screens.

If you want to know something funny here, it’s that the media got him where he is, even if they smeared him negatively, purely because they talked about him.

And with that, I give you your first Trump Card on how to deal with Donald Trump:

Trump Card 1: Ignore his whinging tweets.

This includes you guys in the media too! I know it sounds like a perfect soundbite for your story-craving editor, but you’re fanning a flame that would otherwise wither and die without your sharing. And for those in the realm of social media, I know it sounds fun to share it with your friends and tell them how jaw-droppingly shocking it is, and add some hilarious jab, but you’re fanning that flame too.

Treat him like that boyfriend who, after breaking up with him, is constantly on your mind. The only way to get over him is to move on with your life.

However, you wont be able to ignore his followers, and I implore you not to. They need to be given alternative perspectives. Without prejudice, please.

Which leads us to our second Trump Card:

Trump Card 2: Treat his voters and followers with respect.

I know it sounds like an insane and impossible idea, but treating them with respect will help you edge a (hopefully) peaceful debate with them. If you want them to see from your side, you have to show them they are worthy of respect. You’re not going to win them with “You are a deplorable person! How can you not understand that he is going to fuck up the country?”

Try start with something like, “I understand where you are coming from, but please hear me out…”, you may get a better response then belittling and insulting the person.

And this goes further, leading us to our third Trump Card:

Trump Card 3: Give Trump’s followers a better answer than “he is bad”.

I will be perfectly honest, in my opinion some of his ideas are actually quite awesome. Stuff like stopping government officials from becoming lobbyists within five years after leaving office. Or protecting America’s growing infrastructure. Of course, some of his policies, like deporting millions of Mexicans, is a bit of an overstretch, and you should tell these people why America shouldn’t deport Mexicans. But please don’t settle with “because it’s horrible and inhumane”. Tell them of the great work they do in America. Remind them of America’s forgotten history of “repatriation” of Mexican migrants.

And let us not forget his plans for a Muslim registry on Islamic Americans. Germany 1933 anyone?

However, instead of calling Trump the next Hitler — which, with today’s technology and America’s proud freedom of information act, seems quite unlikely to even blossom — why not show them what Muslims are? That they are today’s doctors, lawyers, engineers, and even politicians. Show them that Muslim’s are way more likely to be killed by ISIS than the average American. Better yet, introduce them to one.

Here’s a Muslim in the US Army…

But also, before you take on Trump’s followers, let us see Trump Card number 4:

Trump Card 4: Remember who his audience is and what they want.

They want jobs, they want a thriving economy, they want to see America be great again. You cannot get away with using the same words you use between your friends. Listen to Trump. Listen to his words and what his audience likes hearing, and use those words to reach them.

Make America Great Again” “Jobs” “Terrorism” “Shaking up government” “Fantastic” “Intelligent” “Emails”

Think like a fundamentalist, act like a republican, and speak like you’re selling an awesome car.

And finally, the final Trump Card:

Trump Card 5: Give them all words of wisdom, not words of hate.

What the cast of Hamilton did was truly a great thing. They didn’t hate. They didn’t scold. They simply spoke the truth, in words that Trump, his administration, and his followers can understand. Be like the Hamilton cast. Treat them all with respect and dignity.

But ignore Trump’s expected response, please.

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