Nepal In 10 Pictures

I took over 500 pictures when I travelled to Nepal, and I’ve finally sat down and sifted through all of them to tell my story. Here are 10 of my best photos, and the stories behind them.

Swayambhunath, colloquially known as the Monkey Temple. Image: Christopher Kelly
Two Nepalese women collecting bricks to rebuild their home. Image: Christopher Kelly
Presumably displaced woman counting her wares and ways. Image: Christopher
A volunteer at Street Dog Care treating a stray dog at the Boudhanath Stupa. Image: Christopher Kelly
Students on their way to school through a generous downpour. Image: Christopher Kelly
A man holds onto two goats while sitting behind the driver on a motorbike. Image: Christopher Kelly
A beautiful and luscious small park in Pokhara, Nepal.
Pokhara, Nepal from the World Peace Pagoda. Image: Christopher Kelly
Man weighs Nepali people for a living. Image: Christopher Kelly
Cables, cords and wires are strung out from a tall post. Image: Christopher Kelly

Just your friendly gay man setting the record straight.

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