Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves…

Realistic flare is an understatement in the world of Covid-19.

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We are striving to evoke a sense of stability in the middle of this pandemic. And it’s not healthy at all.

It just ain’t healthy fooling ourselves into thinking that everything is okay. Because nothing is okay!

The world has stopped, and yet far too many of us go on as if nothing is happening. Like we always do.

It’s eat, shit and sleep at the moment, with nothing adventurous in between. No nightlife, no movies, no chilling with mates around a crackling camp fire.

No great escapes.

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Let’s stop fooling ourselves. Please. For the sake of our collective sanity.

We must band together and accept that this world is currently fucked. And that it will be fucked a few months at least.

Because then — and only then — can we finally bathe in the moment.

We may be stuck in this momentary lapse of otherworldly consciousness, but that doesn’t mean we have to fake it.

Let’s own it!

It’s our history in the making, really.

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