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Inspiration To The Lone Gay Man

Inspiration For The Lone Gay Man

I have often felt the sudden rip of resilience when gay and falling in love come together in the same sentence. Romance between two guys was reluctant to ever be part of pop culture during my 90's upbringing.

I never got given that branch of hope that one day I’ll find a guy and live happily ever after.

Yet, inasmuch, even in my (near) mid twenties, I look at being in a gay relationship with forced hope. Will I ever know what it’s like to fall in love? Will I suffer under the spell of a polyamory partnership?

Will I not live happily ever after?

But I know it’s there, I know it’s possible. Your future can be filled with roses, and not through rose-coloured glasses.

You can find the man of your dreams, who will treat you like a god. Who will praise you through your success and support you through your troubles.

I know this is true, because I am one of those guys. And if I can be one of those guys, you too can also be one of those guys.

Polyamory seems to be the only thing keeping love alive, but it doesn’t have to be. When I get a boyfriend, I want to be exclusive, and I want them to be exclusive.

There’ll be holidays, surprise outings, random showers of gifts and special appreciations.

But there’ll also be time for ourselves, time to miss the other half of ourselves.

I say all this because I want you to know being gay is just like being straight, you can do all what straight people do. You can know what love is.

From what I feel, love is a complete devotion. It’s the willingness to cast away the hat and do everything for your lover. I know this, because I was almost there.

The heading photo is of me during a time when I was so close to falling in love with the guy in front. But I’ll win eventually, and with your hope, you will too.

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