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Australia: Land of the Prudes

Since when was sex such a taboo subject? We all do it, don't we? But, it seems there are so many in the “no” side of this marriage equality debate who are so worried about sex. Primarily the sex between two consenting adults who happen to be of the same sex.

Just today I saw a “no" campaigner say that children were gonna be taught gay sex in school. So what? I got taught that the penis went into a vagina, but I'm still gay. And besides, wouldn't you want to make sure teenagers know that anal sex without a condom is a high risk for sexually transmitted infections? After all, us gays are not the only ones who succumb to the pleasurable experience of sodomy. So many straights do it too! And I can prove it here: here: and here:

Sticking with Safe Schools, what is so worrying about teaching a teenager that some guys wear dresses and some girls wear.. Shorts? Singlets? Boots? Underwear? … hmm… Anyway, it's clothing. Stuff we wear to keep ourselves from being naked. To hide our willies and titties and maps of Tasmania. And let's not forget that it is a minute portion of the population. A good majority of us will still like to have our balls and tubes. Most of us will prefer our wing wangs and tacos and chest cushions and mammories.

And geez, what's so wrong about teaching teenagers that some people feel themselves to be the opposite sex. We are not training imbeciles here, we are teaching teenagers. They are pretty cluey. Wouldn't it be nice to have them understand that this is normal like our laws say it is. And they are only impressionable on things they do not understand, so if we teach them this stuff they won't be easily manipulated. And no, it won't mean all teenage men will want to grow boobs and whip on a frock, it'll just mean that he won't beat up the person that does.

And since when do we worry about two people having sex? No campaigners would probably say it's for procreation. But then what about all that straight sex with a condom? Is that just practicing? Seriously.

And then they bring up the whole traditional marriage, as if they have been the saints all along. As if no one will look into history and see that once upon a time men could beat their wives legally, or that marriage was between a man and his mistress. Or that a marriage was between a man and 1,000 prostitutes. Seriously, marriage is anything but traditional.

But, anyways, back to sex.

I want you all to know that sex, between two consenting adults, is completely normal. I'm not asking you to delve into every detail of my sex life, but at least understand that we all have sex for the same reason. We want pleasure. Yes, most of us want kids, and yes only straight people can have those kids, but sex is more than just procreation.

Sex is just sex. It's nothing to be prude about.

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