A Fresh Perspective On Success

It’s never the end, even if you’ve reached the conclusion.

When you study the art of fiction writing, you’ll eventually learn the Latin term “in medias res”. Its literal translation is “into the middle of things”, and it tells of the infinitesimal strength of success.

A story never starts at the start; it begins in the middle of things. And it almost always ends in it too.

When the character wins something, or even if they lose, the story will always continue. The words will never be written, but your imagination allows it to be.

And just like the character in a book, your life will continue when you reach that goal.

Throughout our lives, we hold success up on a pedestal. We treat it like a god as if we are not just simply animals with the ability to talk. But it really is just a quiet thing.

Not only do we start the path to success “in medias res”, but we end on it too. We win the battle, finalising years of hard work and sacrifice, only to realise that we’ve got washing to do.

A quiet thing, by Liza Minnelli

Indeed, this is not to downplay the validity of success, but to simply humanise it. We all strive for success in our lives. Whether it’s achieving the grand position of CEO, winning that first entry-level job or acing the final exam. But no matter what level of the ladder we cling to, there will always be more to climb.

Success must never be about the end goal, no matter how luscious it looks. It must always be about the journey. It’s the character arch of your own personality if you will.

For that is success. It’s knowing that you’ve spent the whiles of trials and tribulations to be a better person. And then it’s knowing there’s a new ring on the ladder above you.

But it will never be the final frontier. Not until universe ceases to be.

And that, my friend, has not yet been written.

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