5 Reasons Why You Should Talk To Yourself

Talking to yourself is still considered a loony thing to do, but I’ve told myself otherwise.

Not everyone cares what you think

If I’m gonna be honest, there are things we will say that not everyone will care about. That’s life. Instead of moping about it, why not share it with yourself. This could also be a great time to gain pride in who you are.

You know yourself better

The only person who knows you best is you, which makes all the more reason to talk to yourself. There’s an advantage to talking to yourself: you know you. Talking to yourself makes for a decent conversation.

You have complete control over the conversation

Because it’s just you talking, you have complete control over the conversation. No unwanted comments or segues, unless you feel like doing that. The conversation is in your complete control.

It’s your problem and nobody else’s

There are problems we have, minor ones, which make it best to discuss with yourself. Because its your problem in the end. And when it’s your problem, you should deal with it yourself.

It’s therapeutic

There are many studies that show the therapeutic wonders of talking to yourself. If you do it too much, it could be a little crazy, but if you do it when you need to, it feels good.

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