20 Of The Best Eurovision 2020 Participants

It may be cancelled, but you can still enjoy the music!

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Usually when I write these Eurovision listicles every year, I manage to dwindle it down to 10. But the talent pool is too exceptional, not to mention Eurovision has been cancelled this year! So to make up for the missing show, here are 20 of the best Eurovision Song Contest participants and their music videos.

Let’s show the world that it’ll take a lot more than a stupid virus to dampen our vibes. Come on Europe (and Australia), let’s get grooving!

Click here to see the full list of participants.

Armenia: Athena Manoukian, Chains On You

Armenia has produced an exceptional hip hop tune that would have surely got the crowds jiving. Is it just me or am I the only one getting Beyonce vibes?

Australia: Montaigne, Don’t Break Me

Aussies have kept the quirkiness in check, bringing this eclectic and wonderful song. She may be a clown, but her emotions bring much more.

Austria: Vincent Bueno, Alive

The slow start makes the upcoming beat so worth the suspense. And yes, it’s very beaty! I don’t know about you, but I got me some Bruno Mars vibes…

Azerbaijan: Efendi, Cleopatra

The staging for this would have been rather exceptional. But I have to commend the eccentric beat, matched perfectly with those vocals. Werk it!

Czech Republic: Benny Cristo, Kemama

This has the potential of being a club hit. It may not evoke such a deep meaning, but it has some charm to it. Some level of beauty.

Denmark: Ben & Tan, Yes

Love songs can be so cliche, but Ben & Tan share a wonderful balance in their vocals. And let’s not forget the heartfelt meaning of the song!

Georgia: Tornike Kipiani, Take Me As I Am

Georgia just doesn’t give a crap about being graceful or generic. Take Me As I Am makes for a great anthem. Feel free to belt it out!

Germany: Ben Dolic, Violent Thing

Is anybody getting Justin Bieber vibes? Mind you, Ben Dolic goes a little higher than Justin. This will also make for a great club tune.

Greece: Stefania, SUPERG!RL

This a true snake charmer of a song, especially with the instrumental tunes. Not sure about the stage show, but the video here has a nice storyline.

Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið, Think About Things

This is SO very Iceland. Quirky, a little weird, but highly entertaining. It reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Test yourself: no groovy while listening!

Ireland: Lesley Roy, Story Of My Life

I think Katy Perry would approve of this, surely! It’s so reminiscent of her. On top of the groove, those lyrics speak some heartfelt truth. STORY OF MY LIFE!

Italy: Diodato, Fai Rumore

Ballads are hard to execute. You cannot rely on the beat. But this one has something wonderful about it. It’s punchy, evocative and mesmerising.

Latvia: Samanta Tīna, Still Breathing

This girl’s got great stage presence. She knows it’s hers. Matched with her great voice is a mechanically driven beat that beckons for movement.

Lithuania: The Roop, On Fire

The Roop bring some rather inventive dancing, weird but wonderful in its own way. And the beat just blends the choreography so seamlessly.

Malta: Destiny, All Of My Love

If you’re not bopping your shoulders, do you even love pop music? Destiny brings some great vocals to an anthemic tune. Show them your worth, hun!

Norway: Ulrikke, Attention

Ulrikke’s got my attention. But as the song progresses, you realise the dark meaning behind it. It’s so heartbreaking. A flawless performance!

Romania: ROXEN, Alcohol You

This is a chillingly poetic song, contemporary and timeless. The lyrics are definitely what sells it for me. It really makes you wonder.

Russia: Little Big, Uno

Little Big are not new to the spotlight. This Russian band brought out a worldwide hit, SKIBIDI. Let’s just say they are sensationally uncanny.
(Side note: they win the popular vote!)

Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears, Répondez-moi

Non-English songs have to be able to tell the story in various ways, lest it gets lost. But Switzerland’s entry has done it well! The video helps, too…

The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy, Grow

I won’t lie, I experienced some welling up inside when listening to this. The lyrics are simplistically poetic, perfectly encapsulating the current world.

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